phototan explainer

3d animation ABOUT THIS PROJECT one swiss bank needed to explain their new feature in a short video. i did everything from concept to compositing copyright: condor films done in may 2017 Read More

execon partners image video /explainer

EXECON PARTNERS CORPORATE FILM ABOUT THIS PROJECT corporate film for a group of consultants, explaining their special approach for business consulting. mix of stockfootage and own 3d renderings. heavy tweaking with twixtor pro was necessary in first shot (slowdown to 10% of original speed produced) done in jan 2015 Read More

anti bullying explainer

Nach der Tat / Anti bullying ABOUT THIS PROJECT this is an animation for a non profit organisation to fight bullying. done in dec 2011 Read More

tchibo ideas explainer

tchibo ideas ABOUT THIS PROJECT tchibo ideas was a contest for young product designers. my role: 3d / animation concept/design: giraffentoast done in july 2009 Read More

prehistoric men explainer for children

Urmenschen ABOUT THIS PROJECT this video is a "proof of concept" for a company which wants to establish private lessons for children, that's why for example the illustrations of the steps from "monkey" to "men" are not detailed. done in feb 2014 Read More

solestar corporate film

solestar corporate film ABOUT THIS PROJECT solestar is a company specialized for bycicle insoles to improve efficiency. my role went from 3d modeling of the insole to animation and compositing done in jan 2013 Read More

die familienunternehmer

Die Familienunternehmer ABOUT THIS PROJECT this video was intended to tell in a more or less funny way how one could spend some taxes better than they are spent in reality. done in aug 2013 Read More

wie werden exoplaneten gesucht – explainer

Exoplanets ABOUT THIS PROJECT The special thing about this film is that I used the real data of HIPPARCUS to create a realistic point cloud of stars in the "earth related" shots - for example you can spot the zodiac sign of orion in the shots from/to the observatory. In later shots it's just Trapcode… Read More


turbofausto ABOUT THIS PROJECT is a website aiming for the south american market, where the local fitness guru fausto murillo provides a new way for doing fitness programs at home. "turbofausto" is a combination of the city in cuba where he was born and his first name. my role went from the concept over design to… Read More