mario pfeifer – corpo fechado

3d animation ABOUT THIS PROJECT video artist mario pfeifer invited me to create a journey from a parallel universe to our earth (more information) - the result ended up in a 15 minute animation. the visualisations (of our universe) are based on most recent astrophysical studies and research, for example using and visualizing data from the HIPPARCOS catalogue and laniakea.… Read More


Styleframe / Playing around ABOUT THIS PROJECT just trying some stuff. done in dec 2016 Read More


Styleframe / Playing around ABOUT THIS PROJECT tinkering around done in dec 2015 Read More

architecture visualized

3D Visualization of a house (testing luxology modo) [thb_slider images="1137"]ABOUT THIS PROJECT this is my first test in luxology modo for some visualized architecture. done in june 2015 Read More

3d scifi scene

Styleframe / Playing around [thb_slider images="1004" width="1600px" height="900px"]ABOUT THIS PROJECT playing around with blender3d - no further use intended :) Read More

fiat 500 3d model

Styleframe / Playing around ABOUT THIS PROJECT i just like this car Read More

mustang / camaro mixed 3d modeled

Styleframe / Playing around ABOUT THIS PROJECT i always wanted to mix my two favorite cars (camaro and mustang), thats the result. it was one of my really first renderings in yafaray, i think 2006, and modeled in blender3d. that's why there are still a few errors in gi, displacement and general. Read More

3d modeling lamps

3D-Modeling ABOUT THIS PROJECT 3d modeled lamps - only reference pictures were available.  for sommer & co / toshiba. done in june 2013 Read More

styleframes viejetzt

Styleframes for an opener ABOUT THIS PROJECT styleframes for an opener for an online rap show. it was done for a request for proposal but was not chosen for the final realisation. name/logo "viejetzt?!" was given. Read More